The Money is in the List

You can spend years trying to match wits with highly paid SEO experts and if you’re lucky end up making a few hunded dollars a month until Google changes their algorithm and pulls the plug right out from underneath you.

You have probably heard that one before.

And it’s 100% true.

You can blog and blog and write until your fingers wear down to the bone trying to rank on Google’s first page. __________________

If you are ever going to make any real money the answer is email marketing. Build Your List.

The more highly resposive email address you have the better.

Multiple Streams of Income

To build your list and create multiple passive residual streams of income you willl need a source of premium traffic to build a top quality list.

You want people on your list who are likely to buy. In other words people like yourself.

That’s Where Traffic Academy Comes in.

Not only will Traffic Authority send the highest quality premium prequalified traffic to your site and help building your list you can become a Traffic Authority Reseller and sell traffic to hiungry buyers. Online marketers are always looking for traffic.

You Will Need an Autoresponder

A good autoresponder is what makes it all work. It stores you, automatically sends out a series of pre programed marketing messages to the people on your list based on the intervals during which they joined your list, it also removes those who request to be removed from your list.

You have probably heard of the big ones, Aweber and Getresponse. Both have starter memberships at a realonable cost but as your list grows so does the price. By the time you have a few thousand emails on your list you could find yourself paying up to $375 a month.

Mailchimp has a free limited membership but have been known to be unfriendly toward affiliate marketers. Some people have reported that Mailchimp just up and terminate their accounts. No reason given and no explanation.

Bottom Line

I am looking for 6 people and 6 people only who are committed, coachable and motivated to earn at least a 6 figure income. If you are one of the 6 I can teach you to be earning $10,000 a month in 90 days.

You don’t have to be any kind of a techie or even have marketing experience. You just must be willing to learn what I can teach you and have the work ethic to put what I teach you into action.

The 3 businesses at the right of this page are the core of the multiple residual income stream that will make your dreams come true if you take action now.

I can write the prescription for success and teach you how to put into action but I can only write it. It’s up to you to fill it.

My phone number is 225-627-3535 This opportunity won’t last long.